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In June this website had 5,962 unique visitors. Given that this is a free service and that this website takes hours each day to update we humbly request that each visitor makes a small donation to our suicide prevention campaign, in return for being able to access the most comprehensive coverage of news, views and information on the Caribbean World. The donate button above is currently not functioning but donations can be made below to the GoFundMe campaign or mailed to The Caribbean Voice at 1936 Daly Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460. Our time and efforts updating this website and carrying out our suicide prevention campaign are voluntary. Please help us save lives!


Please click GoFundMe to  support the national schools essay contest in Guyana, focusing on suicide and suicide prevention and aimed at transforming the young into social change agents and activists in their communities, while enhancing the writing and research skills of our students. This contest will embrace all schools in Guyana.


Please support  our  petition to the President of Guyana for a registry of sex offenders. Please click HERE, sign the petition, share as widely as possible and persuade others to sign. Anyone can sign. We are aiming for 10,000 signatures before we deliver the petition. Help make communities safer for the vulnerable - women and youth.


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As we gear up for our trip to Guyana the second half of August, (specific dates to be announced), we must express our gratitude to all our supporters whose generosity has made it possible for us to engage in a variety of activities. During this visit we will be holding the national stakeholders' conference on suicide and related issues,  launching our walk/rally and billboard campaigns, visiting an interior location to conduct field activism, holding a retreat/picnic at Number 63 Beach, visiting Black Bush Polder and engaging in a number of walkabout outreaches and meetings to plan collaborative efforts going forward as well as launching a national awards honoring advocates and activists. Anyone interested in joining us on this trip or making a donation towards the activities please contact Bibi at 621- 6111 or 223-2637 (Guyana) Annan at 718-542-4454 or 646-461-0574 (USA) or email or


A national billboard campaign will be launched in August, with the goal of erecting billboards in all the administrative districts over the next few years. This is a collaborative effort between The Caribbean Voice, Save Abee Foundation and CADVA, with billboards sponsored by various individuals or organizations. We welcome sponsorship for specific areas or communities.


A national stakeholders' conference on suicide and other social issues has been planned for July 31, at Cara Hotel in Georgetown. Invitations are being sent out out to NGOs and other stakeholders but since seating is very limited, seats will be allocated on a first come basis. A number of VIPs and decision makers will also be in attendance. Co-sponsored by The Caribbean Voice, Save Abee Foundation and Office Resources, this conference is supported by Cara Hotel, CPIC Monique's Helping Hands and CADVA. Sponsors and supporters are welcomed as are give aways or promotional items such as pens, pencils and scratch pads.


A national walks and rally campaign will be launched in August with hope of holding walks and rallies throughout Guyana over the next few years. We welcome collaborators for this campaign.


On August 22 at Cara Hotel, will be launched an annual awards program to honor activists and advocates for causes and issues that make a difference.  Tickets for this event are very limited - only 50 will be sold. Please contact The Caribbean Voice to reserve your ticket before they are all gone.

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