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Our time, efforts, energy and skills are totally voluntary. Your support can ensure the success of our mission. Five dollars a month will make a significant difference in our campaign to address violence in its various forms - suicide, abuse, alcoholism, drug use, incest, rape, teenage pregnancy and in the process save lives and positively impact the quality of life.


Please click GoFundMe to  support the national schools essay contest in Guyana, focusing on suicide and suicide prevention and aimed at transforming the young into social change agents and activists in their communities, while enhancing the writing and research skills of our students. This contest will embrace all schools in Guyana.


Please support  our  petition to the President of Guyana for a registry of sex offenders. Please click HERE, sign the petition, share as widely as possible and persuade others to sign. Anyone can sign. We are aiming for 10,000 signatures before we deliver the petition. Help make communities safer for the vulnerable - women and youth.


Upcoming Plans


"Voices Against Violence", a national anti-violence candle light vigil is tentatively scheduled for late May or June. The hope is to have as many communities across Guyana, as possible, organize their own vigils on the same evening, focusing on whatever aspects of violence affect them the most. Coordinating organizations include The Guyana Teachers Union, Galaxy 21 Communication, the American University for Research, Citizens Against Rape, Monique's Caring Hands, Golden Om Dharmic Youth, Inspire Inc, Hindus United for Guyana, Rights of the Child Commission, Women For Change and Crossroads Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Services. Other organizations are invited to come on board.


A national billboard campaign is also being planned, with the goal of erecting one billboard in all ten administrative regions over the next few years. This is a collaborative effort between The Caribbean Voice and Save Abee Foundation with billboards sponsored by various individuals or organizations. We welcome sponsorship for specific areas or communities.


We are also exploring the implementation of mobile mental health unit to be launched in May or June. This unit will service communities across the coast land in collaboration with a number of partners in Guyana - the American University for Research, Crossroads Suicide & Mental Health Awareness Services and Monique's Caring Hands. Collaborators are welcomed, especially those who can help with provision of vehicles.


A national stakeholders' conference on suicide and other social issues has been planned for July 31, at Cara Hotel in Georgetown. This conference is expected to be attended by individuals and organizations working on the social landscape across Guyana. Co-sponsored by The Caribbean Voice, Save Abee Foundation and Office Resources, this conference is supported by Cara Hotel and others to be announced. Sponsors and supporters are welcomed.


In addition to the many meetings we have had and will continue to have with various stakeholders to present proposals and/or explore collaboration, we are looking to expand outreach and training across Guyana. We invite organizations and individuals to touch base with us to discuss collaboration possibilities as collectively we can impact change to greater degree and more extensively.


To obtain further information, to offer suggestions or constructive criticisms or to seek clarification, please contact Bibi at 621- 6111 or 223-2637 (Guyana) Annan at 718-542-4454 or 646-461-0574 (USA) or send email to, or


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