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Remember "Sucide Prevention is Everybody's Business!"



The Caribbean Voice Inc is a New York State registered, non-profit NGO, currently engaged in suicide prevention with a focus on Guyana, which, with a population of about three quarters of a million, has the highest suicide rate in the world.  Everybody, the tens of thousands who visit this website monthly, are aware of our suicide prevention campaign. And the news component of this website was relaunched this year with hope that for the opportunity to visit here and stay abreast of news relating to Caribbeans around the world, each visitor would donate US$1.00 per month. In fact, given the access to the most comprehensive Caribbean word news anywhere on the web and the fact that this free service takes us hours each day to put together, a donation of  US$1.00 per month is almost like asking for nothing. To date however, our appeal has literally fallen on deaf ears. Given this reality we have decided that unless it becomes worthwhile by year end, we will discontinue the news component of this website, since we would have to focus on other means of fundraising to support our suicide prevention campaign. Hopefully it won't come to that, but for now we again put out our appeal - US$1.00 a month or $10.00 a year. Donations can be made to the GoFundMe campaign or checks, made out to The Caribbean Voice, can be mailed to 1936 Daly Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460. Our time and efforts updating this website and carrying out our suicide prevention campaign are voluntary. Please help us save lives!


Meanwhile we also ask that you please support  our  petition to the President of Guyana for a registry of sex offenders. Please click HERE, sign the petition, share as widely as possible and persuade others to sign. Anyone can sign. We are aiming for 10,000 signatures before we deliver the petition. Help make communities safer for the vulnerable - women and youth.

Remember Always:

Abuse is not love!

Abuse scars for life!

Ask! Listen! Respect! No means No!

Say NO to drugs! Its far too easy to become addicted!

Drunk driving kills!

Alcoholism is a fatal disease!



Both the National Stakeholders' Conference on Suicide and Related Issues and the First Annual Ed Dorado Awards exceeded expectations. The response was overwhelming, the feedback encouraging and the outcomes will lay the basis for a truly collaborative approach towards addressing suicide, substance addictions, sexual crimes and abuses of all types. And so we would be remiss if we do not take this opportunity to thank all those who make these two events possible: Save Abee Foundation, Office Resources Inc, Cara Hotel, Metro Office & Computer Supplies, Sueria Manufacturing, Gafoor & Sons, Galaxy 21 Communications and CPIC as wel as those who prefered not to be named. Additionally, we must mention the tremendous support provided by the media, especially Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Guyana Times and WB Reaz, as well as the tremendously talented set of artistes and all those who supported in one way or another. Above all thanks to Bibi Ahamad, Nazim Hussain and the Guyana team, especially Chandra, Carol, Divina and Chandanie for making all this possible.  Now the hard work starts and the most challenging, obviously would be raising the funds to ensure the continuity and ongoing efforts as we move forward.


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