Look out for the next Caribbean Heritage Awards, tentatively scheduled for August 2006. Those interested in volunteering can call send us emails to caribvoice@aol.com or call 718-542-4454 or 718-435-1411. Businesses/corporations interested in becoming sponsors and artistes interested in performing care urged to contact us via email at caribvoice@aol.com or call 718-542-4454 or 718-435-1411.

In the light of the expected passing in the US legislature of a bill to earmark june as Caribbean Heritage month, the 2006 Caribbean Heritage Awards is expected to lay the base for the event to become annual. The 2006 event is also expected to be the the first that would use public feedback in determining honorees. Towards this end the organizers invite you, members of the public, to take a look at the categories and then submit names to be considered for the various categories. Submissions must include name, address and phone number of nominee along with bio data and photos, as well as a short essay stating why the particular person should be considered for the category for which the name has been submitted. Mail submissions to 1936 Daly Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460. Make sure that the cover letter states 'Nomination For Caribbean Heritage Awards'.

In the meantime we are seeking sponsorship for the 2006 Caribbean Heritage Awards. The costs for previous awards have been borne by members of the organizing committee. Sponsors/supporters have mostly offered assistance in kind and, given the scope of the event, organizers have had to dig deep in their pockets. However, because we feel that an event of this nature is absolutely necessary, and that it does have the potential to become a premiere international event we are determined to forge ahead.

Given that there are thousands of Caribbean owned businesses in North America and England as well as thousands of other highly successful Caribbean professionals, corporate executives and celebrities, we believe that we can apply the well known Guyanese proverb : 'one one dutty does buil dam'. In effect we are seeking a very minimum contribution of $500 per person/entity. Checks can be made out to Caribbean Heritage Awards and, should it be desired, each contributor will be provided with a statement after the awards is held. We believe that 1000 contributions of $500 will ensure that the event is realized in the short term while we establish the kind of track record that would attract corporate sponsors in the long term. But, of course, contributions of any amount would be welcomed since, if the amount of contributors is more than 100 then the amount of contributors would be less per contributor. All contributors will be publicly acknowledged as sponsors, given ads in the awards journal and provided with complimentary tickets. Should businesses or individuals so desire, they can prepay for tickets which is a way of ensuring that tickets are sold and that funds is simultaneously available to cover expenses.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, comments or queries. Please send e-mail to caribvoice@aol.com or mail to 1936 Daly Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460.