Sir Allister  McIntyre Former Vice-chancellor of the University of the West Indies, former Secretary General of CARICOM and a former UN Deputy secretary-general. Grenadian by birth. Currently a consultant to CARICOM.
 Eric H. Holder Deputy US Attorney General and a nationally recognized legal expert. Of Barbadian heritage.
 Marie Brooks A legend in the world of dancing. Her troupe has performed at the Atlanta Olympics, the Soccer World Cup in the US and the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Guadeloupian by birth.
 Daisy Exposito President and CEO of the Bravo Group. Of Cuban background, Ms. Esposito heads the largest Hispanic advertising agency in the US and is considered a leading expert in her field.
 Mike Robles An exciting comedian and actor. Of Puerto Rican heritage, he is currently on the rise in Hollywood.
 Juanita Nieves Puerto Rican American mother who overcame spousal abuse and workplace sexual discrimmination to return to college.
 Janet Jagan Wife of Guyana's former president Dr. Cheddi Jagan. Herself a former president of Guyana. Pioneer Caribbean women's activist, journalist and politician.
 Avril Holland American born of Caribbean parentage she is paraplegic from Ohio who was honored for going to college and volunteering with the Red Cross volunteer in spite of her disability.
 Hulsie Bhaggan First Caribbean woman to launch a political movement. Trinidadian/Caribbean social activist and politician.
 Roy Hastick Founder and president of the New York based, Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI). Grenadian by birth.
 Guyanese Nurses of  America Inc. Leading Guyanese-American community organization. Performs numerous charitable and community activities in the US and Guyana.
 Mirian Dorisme Leading Haitian-American cultural folk artiste - singer, dancer, choreographer and lecturer. Community and cultural activist.
 Noel Mignot Leading Jamaican and Caribbean tourism official. Top executive of the Jamaica Tourist Board.
 Monsterrat  Progressive  League Leading Monsterratian-American community organization. Performs numerous charitable wroks in Monsterrat.
 Ray Rafeek Pioneer Guyanese-American entrepreneur and leading community activist.
 Paula Madison Appointed Vice-president and Director of News at WNBC-TV (NY) in 1996. For this American of Jamaican heritage, this achievement climaxed a varied and full career in the media around the US.
 Betty King Named US representative on the UN Economic and Social Council in 1997. Of St. Vincentian heritage, Betty's position holds the rank of ambassador.
  Sasenarine Persaud Certainly the most lauded Caribbean writer in Canada in 1997. Of Guyanese heritage, Sasenarine has pioneered Yogic Realism, a new school of writing, in addition to having become a prize-wining writer and poet. He currently lives in the US .
 Wendy Fitzwilliam This Trinidadian beauty, won the 1998 Miss Universe Pageant and made all Caribbeans proud.
 The Puerto Rican  Legal  &  Educational  Defense  Fund A dynamic, non-profit organization serving the Hispanics community. Its
achievements include increased employment opportunities and access to education and housing.
 Lynette Cameron Received the UNDP's World Without Poverty Award earlier in 1999. This Guyanese American is both a dynamic entrepreneur and children's activist.
 The Reggae Boyz The Jamaican soccer team, the first team from the English speaking Caribbean to
qualify for the World Cup (France 1999) and the first Caribbean team to do so in 24 years.
 The Haitian  American  Alliance One of the most dynamic Haitian-American organizations working to empower the
Haitian American community.
 Laparkan The largest Caribbean owned cargo service between North America and the Caribbean and a major supporter of community organizations and initiatives.
 Sybil Chester A popular community activist in Caribbean New York. As Administrator of Corporate Contribution at Schieffelin & Somerset, this Guyanese ensures her company's generosity to the community.
 Butch Stewart A highly successful Caribbean entrepreneur, he is Chairman & CEO of Sandals Resorts & Air Jamaica.
 Natasha Bacchus A deaf mute, college student and gold medallist in the sprint double at the 18th World Summer Games for the Deaf. Of Guyanese heritage she serves as a role model for young handicapped girls in Canada.
 Vincent HoSang One of the most successful Jamaican businessmen in the US. More importantly he has been very generous to those in need and to various deserving causes.
 Singer Francisco A.K.A. The Mighty Sparrow, this Grenadian of Trinidadian upbringing is easily the most famous calypsonian of all time.
  Buju Benton  One of Jamaica's and the world's leading contemporary reggae performer.
 Marco Rizo This Cuban American rose to international classical pianist and producer of music for the 'I Love Lucy' show made popular on American TV.
 Indranie Guyadeen Guyanese Canadian philantropist and community worker who received international acclaim for her work among lepers in India
 Kamau Brathwaite Barbados born writer, poet, lecturer and literary essayist. Considered one of the leading contemporary writers from the Caribbean.
 H. R. Shaw (India/USA) Businessman, cultural philanthropist and community builder. 
 Tec Marine  Limited (USA) Organizers of the annual Miami Heads of Government Conference that fosters trade and investment between North America on the one hand and Latin America and the Caribbean on the other.
 Linda Chavez (Spain/US) - President, Center for Equal Opportunity. Nationally recognized woman's activist. 
 Tegla Loroupe (Kenya) Celebrated marathoner and two times winner of the New York City marathon. A very humbles person who puts sportsmanship above winning.
 WNBC-TV, New  York  City This television station that has been in the forefront of promoting the Caribbean American community and offering disiaster relief assistance to the Caribbean.