Marie Brooks Dance Troupe the world famous group which has performed at  the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics and the 1994 Soccer World Cup.
Junior Jazz one of the hottest contemporary reggae singers out of Jamaica. 
Sister Carol  reggae queen with a unique style and an international following. 
Boukman Eksperyans internationally acclaimed Haitian group.
Shirlaine Hendrickson two times winner of the Trinidad & Tobago Calypso Queen contest.
Princess an Ampex gold (number in Europe) recording artist of the year.
Romanee Kalicharran  a leading exponent of classical Indian dance forms. 
Wanichigu Dance Troupe  folk dancers of the Black Caribs of the Caribbean and  Central America.
JAM Band top Haitian music group.
Mildred Forde Young Models  organization founded by community activist, Joyce  M. Forde.
Voices of Theory Grammy award winning Latin (acapella) group.  
Edele Clerge  Grenadian born poet and oral performer. 
Miriam Dorisme,  internationally acclaimed Haitian folk performers. 
Tonik Band Antigua's number one recording band.
John O Virgin Islands born versatile recording artiste.
Kishore Meghnauth,  Guyanese born oral perfomer.